“Why President Trump is probably right about the ‘ridiculous standard’ of the first 100 days” This article reviews the history of the “first 100 days” for U.S. presidents taking office. John P. Frendreis, PhD, (professor, political science) is quoted about President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first 100 days in office and his ability to take swift […]
“Chicago Mayor Touts New Requirement to Graduate: Proof of a Plan” Miranda Johnson, JD, (associate director, Education Law and Policy Institute, School of Law) is quoted on the possible legal complications associated with the board approval of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new Chicago Public Schools proposal to require post-graduation plans. Similar coverage appeared in the Chicago […]
“Promised reforms after brutal death of 8-year-old Gizzell Ford fall short” Stacey E. Platt, JD, (director, Civitas ChildLaw Clinic, and professor, School of Law) is quoted on the complexities of family court law and private custody as it pertains to the death of 8-year-old Gizzell Ford. 3.31.17: Chicago Tribune
“How Rising Interest Rates Will Affect Consumers and the Economy” Anastasios (Tassos) G. Malliaris, PhD, (Walter F. Mullady, Sr. professor, Quinlan School of Business) is interviewed about the Federal Reserve’s vote to raise interest rates and how it will impact borrowing rates for credit cards and mortgages. 3.22.17: Chicago Tonight
“Sister Jean’s March Madness Bracket” Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, BVM, (chaplain, men’s basketball, and special assistant, campus ministry) is interviewed about her picks for the NCAA Tournament. This story was also a highlight in AJCU Higher Ed News. 3.13.17: WGN-TV
“Jesuit Jam Parody Video” Loyola is featured for a parody video created by the Jesuit community to promote its annual Jesuit Jam event, which took place at a recent men’s basketball game. Similar coverage appeared in Crux, Ignatian Solidarity Network, Yahoo Sports, and Aletia. 2.21.17: CLTV
“The 97-year-old nun behind the Loyola men’s basketball team” Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, BVM, (chaplain, men’s basketball, and special assistant, campus ministry) is interviewed about her involvement in Loyola’s basketball program. Porter Moser (head coach, men’s basketball) is quoted on Sister Jean’s role in the program. 2.19.17: espnW
“What Will Happen to Undocumented Doctors?” Stritch School of Medicine students discuss their experience as individuals with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status and what happens if the program is repealed. 2.2.17: The Atlantic
“Breakfast benefit speakers address relevance of Catholic education, values it provides students” Jo Ann Rooney, JD, LLM, EdD, (president) is mentioned for presenting this year’s Catholic Education Breakfast keynote address, which highlighted the relevance of catholic education. The event was hosted by Cardinal Blase J. Cupich. Similar coverage appeared on WFLD-TV. 1.29.17: Chicago Catholic
“Why Facebook should hire a chief ethicist: Column” Don Heider, PhD, (dean, School of Communication) penned this piece advising tech companies to hire chief ethicists to combat the spread of fake news. Similar coverage appeared on WBBM-AM. 1.8.17: USA Today
“College career services offices are no longer last stop for soon-to-be grads” This story highlights Loyola’s Career Development Center and adjustments the center has made to expand and better prepare students for careers. Kathryn Jackson (director, Career Development Center) is quoted on student engagement with the center’s social media presence. 12.29.16: Chicago Tribune
“Therapy horses, bubble-wrap rooms aim to relieve college students’ end-of-semester stress” This article highlights efforts by Chicagoland universities to relieve end-of-the-semester stress for students. Loyola’s counseling groups are mentioned, and David deBoer, PhD, (associate director, Wellness Center) is quoted on promoting a sense of well-being and academic success. 12.1.16: Chicago Tribune
“Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich Is Now A Cardinal, And It’s A Big Deal” Michael Murphy, PhD, (instructor, theology, and director, Catholic studies) is interviewed in this Q&A on the elevation of Archbishop Blase Cupich to Cardinal, his new role, and what it means to the Chicago community. 11.19.16: WBEZ.org
“Decades later, relatives awarded soldier’s Purple Heart” Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Yandura (chair and professor, military science) is mentioned for finding a Purple Heart certificate and returning it to the recipient’s family. Similar coverage appeared in The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press and was syndicated via the Associated Press. 11.11.16: WJR-AM
“Theo Epstein’s managerial strategy” Sara Gramata (lecturer, Quinlan School of Business) is interviewed on Cubs President Theo Epstein’s managerial strategy that led the organization to winning the World Series. 11.3.16: CNNI
  “What CEOs could learn from the Cubs’ Joe Maddon” Sarah Gramata (lecturer, Quinlan School of Business) authored this piece on adopting Cubs manager Joe Maddon’s management principles and applying them to the business world. 10.23.16: Crain’s Chicago Business  
“Robots inspiring STEM education in schools” George Thiruvathukal, PhD, (professor, computer science, and director, departmental computing) is interviewed about the importance of STEM and robots’ role in education. 10.15.16: WLS-TV
“Eight Years in America: Hope, And What Came After” This week’s issue of New York Magazine is a time capsule of Barack Obama’s presidency. Stritch School of Medicine student Belsy Garcia is featured in an article pertaining to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 10.3.16: New York Magazine
“The role of a moderator” David Romanelli (senior instructor, School of Communication, and debate coach) is interviewed about the presidential debate and the role of a moderator. 9.26.16: WLS-TV
“Sufi Sect of Islam Draws ‘Spiritual Vagabonds’ in New York”  Marcia Hermansen, PhD, (professor, theology) is quoted on Sufism, a mystical branch of Islam, and its growth in America. 9.23.16: The New York Times
“University of Chicago takes No. 3 spot on list of best universities in nation”  U.S. News & World Report listed Loyola as one of the top 100 universities in the nation. This story outlines the rankings of Chicago universities. Similar coverage also appeared on NBC.com, Crain’s Chicago Business, WTTW.com, and WGN-AM. 9.13.16: Chicago Tribune
“A debt-free college for students who struggle most” This feature story highlights Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago. Stephen Katsouros, S.J., (dean and executive director, Arrupe College) is interviewed on Arrupe’s efforts to make education accessible to its students. Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., (chancellor) is quoted on the preparation offered to students to assist in […]
“‘Jesus of Arrupe College’ Depicts Diverse Students of Loyola University Chicago Two-Year College”  This article details a commissioned art piece created for Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago. The work, Jesus of Arrupe College, features the diversity of the student body and will be displayed on campus. 8.9.16: Ignatian Solidarity Network      
“The 25 Most Powerful Women in Chicago” President Jo Ann Rooney, JD, LLM, EdD, is featured on this list of the 25 most powerful women in Chicago. 7.31.16: Make It Better
“At Lollapalooza, Loyola students pitching in to highlight composting”   Loyola student Lucy Anderson is interviewed about teaching Lollapalooza festivalgoers about the benefits of composting. Forty-six Loyola students participated in the program. 7.29.16: Chicago Tribune  
“Voting Technology” George Thiruvathukal, PhD, (professor, computer science, and director, departmental computing) is interviewed about electronic voting. 7.16.16: WLS-TV
“Cars seized in crimes generate lucrative income for police, governments” John Dehn, JD, (assistant professor, School of Law) is quoted on forfeiture law and the concern surrounding this law process in Illinois. 7.23.16: Naperville Sun
“Income-Based Repayment: Should You Do It?” Nicole Mazzella (assistant director, Financial Aid) is quoted on the impact of income-based repayment plans. 7.22.16: Money Under 30
“Here’s An Idea: Only Women Should Have Guns” James Garbarino, PhD, (Maude C. Clarke Chair in Humanistic Psychology and professor, psychology) is quoted about the role of gender as it relates to gun ownership and mass killings. 7.21.16: Complex
“Minneapolis one step closer to $15” This roundup highlights the NLRB’s decision to deny the University’s request for review of the decision allowing English Language Learning Program faculty to join a union. 7.21.16: Politico
“U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk falsely attacks Duckworth on IRS expansion” John Frendreis, PhD, (professor, political science) explains the misinterpretation of a bill that would prohibit the IRS from requiring tax-exempt organizations to include details about their contributors in annual returns. 7.21.16: Politifact
“Contested ballots thwart final result in Northwestern faculty union election” This article about the Northwestern faculty union election references Loyola University Chicago’s relationship with Service Employees International Union.7.20.16: Chicago Tribune
“Fairfield University will consider non-Jesuits for next president” Loyola University Chicago is mentioned for its appointment of a female president. 7.20.16: Newstimes
“DePaul Joins 1871 to Expand Entrepreneurship Beyond Business School” Loyola University Chicago is mentioned as one of the institutions that joined 1871, an entrepreneurial hub for digital startups. 7.19.16: Chicago Inno
“U.S. church urged to turn attention to racism before fractures widen” Jon Nilson, PhD, (associate professor, theology) is one of four theologians interviewed for this piece. 7.18.16: Catholic News Service (syndicated)
“United pilot’s tweet about hanging Hillary reveals the wrong stuff” Al Gini, PhD, (professor, Quinlan School of Business) is quoted on the need for employees to modulate personal expression. 7.19.16: Redeye (syndicated)
“Mike Pence’s Relationship with the Catholic Church is…Complicated” Miguel Diaz, PhD, (John Courtney Murray University Chair in Public Service and professor, theology) is quoted on Donald Trump’s running mate selection and its potential influence on Catholic voters. 7.16.16: America Magazine
“In police shootings, should trials re-examine a victim’s past?” Bruce Boyer, JD, (clinical professor, School of Law, and director, Civitas ChildLaw Clinic) is quoted on the recent police shootings and whether defense attorneys should be permitted to gain access to the juvenile records of victims. 7.14.16: Christian Science Monitor
“‘O dia em que a polícia americana apontou armas contra mim’” Juan Perea, JD, (professor, School of Law) was quoted on the Black Lives Matter movement and police violence against African Americans. The article was posted in Portuguese. 7.12.16: BBC
“Illinois Issues: Still Paying For Justice” David Olson, PhD, (professor and graduate program director, criminal justice and criminology) questions the roles of parole and probation officers and discusses how their time might be best spent. 7.11.16: NPR Illinois
“Lenhoff: Little libraries and loose ends” This opinion piece mentions Loyola University Chicago’s Cuneo Mansion and Gardens and its public-facing future.7.8.16: Chicago Tribune
“Laquan McDonald’s juvenile record sought by lawyers of officer who shot him” Bruce Boyer, JD, (clinical professor, School of Law, and director, Civitas ChildLaw Clinic) is quoted on the Laquan McDonald case. 7.7.16: Chicago Tribune
“Meet the Expert Witness Who Goes Inside the Minds of Young Killers” James Garbarino, PhD, (Maude C. Clarke Chair in Humanistic Psychology and professor, psychology) is interviewed about analyzing childhood psychology in murder cases. 7.4.16: Gizmodo
“Little-known registry lists murderers in your town, but is it a good thing?” Arthur Lurigo, PhD, (professor, psychology and criminal justice, and senior associate dean for faculty, College of Arts and Sciences) is quoted on public safety and the constitutional rights of individuals.7.1.16: Naperville Sun
“What books should be on your summer reading list?” Al Gini, PhD, (professor, Quinlan School of Business) discusses his summer book recommendations. 7.1.16: WGN-AM
“El Bloqueo: The Cuban embargo continues”– Joy Gordon, JD, PhD, (Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J. Professor of Social Ethics) authored this piece discussing the effects of the embargo against Cuba. 7.1.16: Harper’s Magazine
“Loyola student groped by boys near Water Tower campus” This story reports on two sexual abuses that occurred near the University’s Water Tower Campus. Similar coverage appeared on WMAQ-TV, WGN-TV, and CLTV. 6.30.16: Chicago Sun-Times
“Muslims, Catholics break bread, build bridges” Azam Nizamuddin, JD, (part-time faculty, theology and School of Law) is quoted on Islamophobia and Christian and Muslim commonalities. 6.29.16: Southtown Star
“Affirming Racial Diversity: Student Affairs as a Change Agent” Loyola’s Department of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs is mentioned as an example of a higher education institution that affirms racial diversity. 6.29.16: Higher Education Today
“16345: The Third Principle with George K. Thiruvathukal” George Thiruvathukal, PhD, (director, departmental computing, and professor, computer science) discusses Vannevar Bush’s fundamental principle and its implementation by the National Science Foundation. 6.28.16: How we Manage Stuff
“Free Admissions and Activities in Chicago – July 2016” The Loyola University Museum of Art is featured in this article as a place to visit this summer. 6.28.16: Chicago Now
“So you’ve got money in a British bank” George Kaufman, PhD, (director, Center for Financial & Policy Studies, and John F. Smith, Jr. Professor, Quinlan School of Business) is quoted about the uncertainty of stocks in British banks influenced by the Brexit vote. 6.27.16: Bankrate
“Editorial: The need to repair, reopen Cuneo Mansion and Gardens” Loyola University Chicago’s plan to fund the Cuneo Mansion’s rehabilitation is highlighted.6.27.16: Daily Herald
“Restoring Cuneo Mansion” The Daily Herald’s Mick Zawislak discusses Loyola’s work to restore Cuneo Mansion and Gardens. The interview follows a similar article that ran in Sunday’s Daily Herald. 6.26.16: WLS-TV
“How best to preserve Cuneo estate’s legacy?” The Daily Herald’s Mick Zawislak reviews Loyola’s work to restore Cuneo Mansion and Gardens. 6.26.16: Daily Herald
“Playing one sport year-round isn’t smart, even for kids who want to go pro” A Loyola University Chicago study on youth athletes is mentioned in this article focusing on children who participate in sports. 6.22.16: The Washington Post (syndicated nationally)
“As Work Is Transforming, How Will It Be Rewarded?” Dow Scott, PhD, (professor, Quinlan School of Business) discusses measuring employee reward preferences and tailoring benefits to meet the needs of employees. 6.21.16: HR Magazine
“Fear of lead paint in HUD housing leads family to homeless shelter” Emily Benfer, JD, LLM, (founder and director, Health Justice Project, and clinical professor, School of Law) discusses the impact of lead paint on families in subsidized housing. 6.21.16: CBS Chicago
“All four one and one for all” Elizabeth Shermer, PhD, (assistant professor, history) is interviewed on the parallels of Donald Trump and former California congressman Barry Goldwater. 6.21.16: WBUR-FM
“Fact-checking Marco Rubio’s claim that ‘radical speech’ is not a crime” Alexander Tsesis, JD, (assistant professor, School of Law) is quoted on the First Amendment and its correlation to radical free speech. 6.17.16: Miami Herald
“Doctors blame many factors for futile care, themselves included” Kayhan Parsi, JD, PhD, (graduate program director and professor, Neiswanger Institute for Bioethics) is quoted on end-of-life care and its impact on young physicians. 6.17.16: Reuters
“Restoration project ongoing at Loyola University campus in Woodstock” Emily Zack (farm operations manager, Retreat and Ecology Campus) talks about LUREC’s local produce and how it is being enjoyed throughout the community, including at an on-site farm stand, in the dining hall, and in local restaurants. 6.17.16: Northwest Herald
“Lost in America: How FourTeen’s Hoop Dreams Turned into a Nightmare, Sparking a Federal Probe” Katherine Kaufka Walts, JD, (director, Center for the Human Rights of Children) discusses human trafficking and labor exploitation of young athletes. 6.16.16: Bleacher Report
“Facebook live stream video appears to show fatal shooting of Chicago man” Arthur Lurigio, PhD, (professor, psychology and criminal justice, and senior associate dean for faculty, College of Arts and Sciences) is quoted on the rapid increase in homicides in Chicago. 6.16.16: New York Daily News
“LGBT Muslims see Orlando shooting as opportunity to confront their leaders” Omer Mozzafer (Muslim chaplain, Campus Ministry) is interviewed about a recent gathering of Muslims who openly discussed the treatment of Muslims in the LGBTQ community in Chicago. 6.15.16: WBEZ-FM
“Notorious porn copyright troll committed ‘fraud on courts’ – 9th Circuit” Matthew Sag (professor, School of Law) is quoted in the article on copyright filings conducted by adult website Malibu Media. 6.15.16: Reuters
“Some Adjunct Professors Earn Just $20,000 a Year” This article discusses the Northwestern University faculty unionization efforts with Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Loyola University Chicago is mentioned as one of SEIU’s “affiliates.” 6.14.16: The Nation
“The Chicago Freedom Movement: Then And Now” Jack Macnamara (visiting scholar, Center for Urban Research and Learning) is featured as one of the panelists in the discussion about the 1966 Chicago Freedom Movement. 6.14.16: NPR Illinois
“DePaul President Holtschneider taking early retirement” This article highlights DePaul University President Dennis Holtschneider and his plans to step down as the university’s leader. The article also discusses the selection of Jo Ann Rooney as Loyola University Chicago’s incoming president. 6.13.16: Crain’s Chicago Business
“High court to mull juvenile restraint rule” Lisa Jacobs, JD, (program manager, Center for Criminal Justice Research, Policy, and Practice) is quoted on a proposal for restraining procedures in juvenile delinquency cases. 6.13.16: Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
“Should the Associated Press have sent a safety bulletin over the Clinton report backlash?” Jill Geisler, (Bill Plante Chair of Leadership and Media Integrity, School of Communication), is interviewed on ethics and journalism practices. 6.10.16: Columbia Journalism Review
“Northwestern faculty members seek to form union” Adjunct and non-tenured faculty at Northwestern University have filed a union election petition with the National Labor Relations Board seeking representation by SEIU Local 73. Both Loyola and the University of Chicago are referenced in the segment. 6.9.16: Chicago Tribune
“Health Minute: The ‘Back to Work Blues’” A Loyola University Chicago psychology professor is referenced (but not named) in this story describing the “back to work blues.” 6.9.16: WPMT-TV (syndicated nationally on more than 70 stations)  
“Why Can’t We Have the Lucas Museum” This article, which discusses laws versus the public’s interest in the preservation of public institutions, highlights Loyola’s efforts to fill 20 acres of Lake Michigan for the creation of a public beach in 1998. Timothy Gilfoyle (professor, history) is also quoted in the piece. 6.7.16: Chicago Magazine
“Turn Laudato si’ into works of mercy, Filipino youth told” Michael Agliardo, PhD, (assistant professor, sociology) is quoted in this article challenging Filipino youth to connect with nature. 6.6.16: UCAN India
“Men who got life in prison for fatal drive-bys as teens to be resentenced” James Garbarino, PhD, (Maude C. Clarke Chair in Humanistic Psychology and professor, psychology) is quoted in this article about the dynamics of gang culture and the Fox and Ivory case. 6.5.16: Chicago Tribune
“What Catholics are doing to help victims of predatory loans” Robert Mayer, PhD, (professor, political science) is quoted about the dynamics of student loans and debt. 6.5.16: Catholic News Agency (syndicated)
“Why Chicago police videos are only half the story”  Robert Lombardo, PhD, (associate professor, criminal justice and criminology) is quoted in this article on the decision-making process related to hirings and promotions in the Chicago Police Department. 6.4.16: The Christian Science Monitor (syndicated)
“Board Releases Video Involving Police Shootings, Other Complaints” Arthur Lurigo, PhD, (professor, psychology and criminal justice, and senior associate dean for faculty, College of Arts and Sciences) is quoted in this article highlighting efforts by the Chicago Police Department to restore trust in the community. 6.3.16: CBS Chicago  
“Chicago weighs the future of an officer with a long history of excessive-force complaints amid promises of reform” Arthur Lurigo, PhD, (professor, psychology and criminal justice, and senior associate dean for faculty, College of Arts and Sciences) comments on the case of a Chicago police officer with a history of civilian complaints related to excessive […]
“Anticipation Grows For Mass Release Of Police Shooting Videos” Arthur Lurigo, PhD, (professor, psychology and criminal justice, and senior associate dean for faculty, College of Arts and Sciences) is quoted about the need for more transparency from the Chicago Police Department. 6.2.16: CBS Chicago
“Family Business: Passing it on” Andrew Keyt (executive director, Family Business Center) discusses how to handle succession in family business. 5.31.16: The Wall Street Journal Video
“Loyola University names first layperson as president” This article highlights the introduction of Jo Ann Rooney, JD, LLM, EdD, as Loyola University Chicago’s 24th president. Similar coverage also appeared in University Herald, Loyola Phoenix, Education News, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Detroit News, and AJCU Higher Ed News. 5.26.16: Catholic New World    
“Hiroshima and the Politics of Apologizing” Mark Pollock, PhD, (associate professor, School of Communication, and program director, communication studies) is quoted in this article describing the political and generational dynamics that affect perspectives on war. 5.26.16: The Atlantic
“Illinois Issues: Budget Impasse May Prove Setback To Governor’s Prison Reduction Goal” David Olson, PhD, (professor and graduate program director, criminal justice and criminology) is quoted about addressing the needs of offenders in order to prevent them from participating in future criminal activity. 5.26.16: NPR Illinois  
“Women are key to NFL’s future growth” Keith Lambrecht, PhD, (associate professor, Quinlan School of Business, and director, sport management program) is quoted in this piece about NFL teams targeting female audiences. 5.24.16: Green Bay Press-Gazette
“Chicago Police Try to Predict Who May Shoot or Be Shot” Arthur Lurigio, PhD, (professor, psychology and criminal justice, and senior associate dean for faculty, College of Arts and Sciences) is quoted on a new Chicago Police Department tactic to predict crime in the city. 5.23.16: The New York Times
“That time of year: Commencement speakers offer words of wisdom” Alumnus Bill Plante, who delivered the keynote address at the School of Communication Commencement ceremony, is included in this wrap-up of Chicagoland graduation speeches. 5.22.16: Chicago Sun-Times
“RoomPlace Rebuilding after Blaze Destroys Distribution Center” Gezinus Hidding, PhD, (associate professor, Quinlan School of Business) is quoted on the importance of creating crisis-management plans for family businesses. 5.20.16: Chicago Tribune
“Five myths color the crime of human trafficking”  Melina Healey, JD, (post graduate teaching fellow, School of Law) discusses common beliefs related to human trafficking. 5.19.16: Thomson Reuters Foundation (syndicated)
“Lead Paint Threat Still Prevalent across Chicagoland” Anita Weinberg, JD, (director, ChildLaw Policy Institute, School of Law) is interviewed about ongoing lead poisoning problems across Chicago. Similar coverage appeared in Cook County Chronicle. 5.17.16: ABC7Chicago.com
“Fueled by drugs, sex trafficking reaches ‘crisis’ on Native American reservation” Melina Healey, JD, (post-graduate teaching fellow, School of Law) is quoted in this article on the effects of decreasing oil prices on human-trafficking patterns. 5.17.16: Thomson Reuters Foundation (syndicated)
“Strangers Can Track You In Minutes On Social Media” Don Heider (dean, School of Communication) is interviewed on social media security. 5.17.16: WBBM-TV
“Graduate Students Prepare For Life After College” Quinlan School of Business student Hussam Bachour and Hassam Akmal (director, Business Career Services for Quinlan School of Business) are interviewed about career-readiness after graduation. 5.16.16: Medill News Service
“Arts Program Engages Alzheimer’s Patients, Caregivers” This story features the Loyola University Museum of Art’s William Utermohlen: A Persistence of Memory exhibition and the ilLUMAnations program, a partnership with Northwestern’s Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center that engages Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers through the arts. 5.16:16: Chicago Tonight
“Nun Receives Honorary Doctoral Degree At Loyola University” Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, BVM, (chaplain, athletics, and special assistant, Campus Ministry) is featured for receiving an honorary doctoral degree from the College of Arts and Sciences. Similar coverage appeared on WMAQ-TV, WEEK-TV, and KWES-TV. 5.13.16: WLS-TV
“Panama Papers Connect Baker & McKenzie to Global Elite” Samuel Brunson, JD, (associate professor, School of Law) provides insight into tax havens related to the Panama Papers case. 5.13.16: Crain’s Chicago Business
“Migratory Birds in Chicago”  Congressman Mike Quigley talks about Loyola’s efforts to help create a safer environment for migratory birds on campus. Similar coverage also appeared in Chicago Reader. 5.11.16: WGN-AM
“Loyola Chicago morphs its evening JD program into a weekend one”  Michael J. Kaufman, JD, (professor and associate dean for academic affairs, School of Law) is quoted in this piece on the School of Law’s new part-time, weekend JD program. 5.1.16: ABA Journal
“A challenging climate for Chicago entrepreneurs”  The results of a survey on small business conducted by the Quinlan School of Business and Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce are featured in this article on Chicago entrepreneurs. 4.30.16: Crain’s Chicago Business